launch your customer experience (CX) business

the challenge

Growing contact center entrepeneurs, expanding operations to service large-volume, long-term contracts are constrained by costly infrastructure upgrades.  To be competitive, people, processes and technology have to be in place and effectively working together, proving they can weather volatility.

traditional barriers to expansion


Recruiting and retaining top scoring agents.


Investing in infrastructure, square footage and equipment.


Maintaining a customizable platform with a consistent user interface that lets you share data results.

Expensive and Hard to Scale!

eliminate them.

Cloud computing makes it possible for contact centers of any size or operating budget to start using the kind of high performance computing power and data storage they need to scale-up the size of their operations and use cognitive technologies.

It is possible to have your people, customers, processes and technology effectively working together, using  facilitated cloud networks .


a facilitated cloud cx network

always live – anywhere.

Operate in the cloud, using an intelligent voice carrier and cloud contact center infrastructure.

Build on top of a customizable, unified, deep learning and predictive analytics platform that lets you collaborate and share with all your people and customers, across your entire enterpise, in real time.

Decrease agent churn, a key volatility factor that merits further explanation. Growing centers are challenged when it comes to retaining a strong team  of top-scoring agents.

zoom in

If you had a lot of business you could offer the kind of schedules that attract top scorers . . . but, you can’t get more business until you have a strong team of top scorers. The network is the missing link that eliminates barriers to expansion.

There is always a surplus of hours when you  connect multiple centers and combine their volumes. Think of it like a solar energy battery. When some centers are at low volume, others are at high, so agents opt in and out, according to demand within the network. There is always work, leading to higher incomes, variety, and flexibility for agents. Industry-proven agent churn busters.