wickedly potent platform

Fueled by deep learning and predictive analytics.


Tell the story of your customer’s experience by identifying touch points that show the most important needs, behaviors and preferences.

Data mapping and storage

Real-time analysis and reporting

Real-time collaboration

Knowledge Management

Descriptive Analytics Engine

Easily create and share reports, visualizations and dashboards.


Apply complex mathematical calculations over and over, faster and faster, to react, adapt and learn independently, producing reliable, repeatable decisions that drive results.

next-best action guidance for

Contact routing

Chat dialogues

Marketing response

Agent dialogues

Self-service and IVR routing

Agent scheduling

Business result optimization

Work placement

Training and eLearning

Social media


Use all your touch points to design and implement your customer’s  journey.

Purchase and manage your DID and Toll Free phone numbers.

Pure VoIP, WebRTC call origination and agent connectivity.

A global cloud-based PSTN and SIP carrier network.

Queue and Route calls, chats, sms, and email to to any destination or multiple contact centers, globally.

Exploit all your data and applications in your contact routing designs.

Create robust IVRs for self service, payment processing and customer experience scoring.

Multi-site dynamic customer experience routing driven by deep learning and predictive analytics.

Agent experience scripting tools for building agent applications.

Call recording, QA Scoring and Speech Analytics.

Workforce management and optimization.

platform as a service


Develop, Run and Manage software for your unique business requirements and synch it to the network with our CX application program interface (API) and software development kits (SDKs).

extend our solution to conform to your needs for

Making, receiving and controlling phone calls in web, mobile and contact center applications.

Adding robust support for your Web real-time communications (WebRTC).

Adopting real-time messaging to monitor contact lifecycle activities, then acting on state changes in real time.

Accessing third party data platforms in your contact routing and cx journey.

Employing Computer Telephony Integration in any type of application from contact center to mobile apps.

Adopting a combination of programming and out-of-the-box tools to speed contact applications to market.

Exploiting the power of your contact detail and descriptive analytics data with Robust Restful Web Services libraries.

Combining data from any application with  your descriptive analytics data store.

Incorporating your inventory of deep learning data into any application.

Monetizing what you develop when you share it to the apps library so others can use it.