descriptive analytics

data mapping and storage

collect raw data

Our analytics platform consumes data amazingly quickly.  We can handle data in its raw transactional state from disparate places, map and load it without programing, according to your unique requirements.


single source of truth

all your data in one place

Data from all your people and locations in one place. In a way that makes sense to you.  For significantly less cost and faster than traditional data warehousing.

analytics engine

This data home base is not only a meaningful repository for your company’s collective information,  but a descriptive analytics engine.

When you share results and collaborate with other users, your company’s collective knowledge grows, exponentially. This creates your unique data blueprint and fuels deep learning, feeding descriptive analytic models, adapting and growing with each replication.



Usable from Day One.

Create and see what’s working. Use it. Share it. Refine it. Replicate it. Across platforms, locations and enterprises. In real time. Powerful!

real-time collaboration

Now, you can identify, analyze and share fluid patterns and trends  in real-time and give anyone credentials to use, explore and create, according to any specific role you give to them.

End-business users can create, drill in and manipulate reports, visualizations and dashboards.


All served up in an easy to use web format.

key performance and service delivery dashboards

work offer dashboards

brand performance
servicing operations
agent performance
workforce availability
performance objectives


Capture detailed information from different systems in reports, visualizations and dashboards.

customer experience dashboards

marketing attribution
sales and conversion
agent scoring
agent performance
agent brand objective