solutions that increase customer lifetime value (CLV).


Recognize characteristics and behaviors for loyalty  vs. at-risk, based on deep learning and predictive models.


Measure past responses, create personalized promotions and guided customer journeys for cstomers at-risk.

elevate marketing and sales

Measure marketing attribution and maximize rate of return with predictive conversion rates and sales models.

agile contact routing

Guide the customer journey in real time to the best self-service, or care specialist for a specific action, concern or result.

increase cx scores

Guided journeys increase customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, even as you reduce customer effort.

recommend in real time

Determine cross-sell probabilities for every stage of the customer journey,  and insert real-time conversion opt-ins.

automated support

Process customer feedback like email, messages, comments and conversation transcripts to recommend actions and call routing.


detect fraud

Digital fraud detection for non-human traffic, laundered ad impressions, cookie stuffing and stacking, and fake sites.