Innovation Consulting and Managed Services 

for Personalized, Relevant Customer Experience.

CX Strategy Development

Technology Selection

Cloud Migration

Omnichannel Requirements, Design, Implementation.

Design, deployment of complete solutions in line with your business goals.

Ongoing Maintenance and Managed Services.

CX Strategy Assessments Lets you Know How You Rank Compared to Best-in-Class.

The experience you provide for your customers directly affects customer  acquisition, retention and lifetime value.

Our framework and scoring system appraises current capabilities, operational maturity and technology. It then ranks your organization against best-in-class customer experience organizations.

Our consultants work together with clients to complete a full audit of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), technology platforms, communication channels, processes, and people.

You will understand your current state, letting you intelligently strategize changes you can implement incrementally,  to improve business outcomes.

Bring Order to Data Chaos. Consolidate Silos.

Our data platform quickly aggregates and correlates siloed data.

Get Adds, Moves and Changes of Data Feeds, Metrics and Business Analysis Hierarchies with our Managed Data Platform Services.

Gaining true insight into performance and KPIs that measure your business is challenging.

Many clients have multiple contact centers and platforms for quality assurance, payroll, CRM. Plus disparate in-house  IT platforms that don’t allow teams to get a true picture of business performance.

If your organization can’t easily identify and assess performance across data silos, our team can easily ingest data from all your disparate sources into a single source or truth.

  • Advanced Operational Reporting
  • Descriptive Analytics: what happed, when, related to/associated with whom or what.
  • Diagnostic Analytics: scoring, weighing, ranking to determine why, where, and to what extent.
  • Define, fine tune your strategy or become operational. Provide immediate intelligence into you current as-is customer experience.

Experience Design, Roadmaps and Blueprints.

The strategy assessment provides insight into current performance measurements associated with customer experience workflows.

Measurement targets are established to achieve a specified business performance improvement for each business area and workflow.

Roadmaps and blueprints for change are established by workflows to incrementally deploy specific changes which are then tested and measured to ensure specific business outcomes are achieved.


Product Management, Design and Project Management.

The customer experience you provide is an extension of the products you offer your customers.

We collaborate with your product management team to refine how you interact with  customers across  product lines and release cycles.

Get help with,  or let us take the lead, in product and project management and release planning. We use an Agile incremental delivery approach to design, implement and release new customer experiences for products and services.

Develop  journey maps, business requirements documents, user stories and use cases.

Design and deploy omnichannel contact center workflows, automated response, chat and voice bots, integrations into existing product and support systems.

Oigo Omnichannel Solutions

Usage-based pricing. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

Deploy a complete omnichannel contact center solution, using a combination of Amazon Web Services and Amazon Connect.

Oigo Analytics provides the business intelligence and operational insight. Along with our partners, we bring world-class capabilities without the software development burden of using Amazon Connect services standalone.

You get automated service, AI, chat and voice bots to deliver automated response options. We use AWS services, Text to Speech, Speech Recognition Natural Language Processing and Amazon Machine Learning.

Get a Curated Customer Experience