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Contact Center

Amazon connect is based on the same contact center technology used by Amazon customer service associates, globally. It helps any business deliver better telecommunications and contact center solutions at a lower cost, with a self-service, graphical interface that’s easy for non-technical users to learn and use. There is no  infrastructure to manage,  no up-front payment, no long-term commitment.

Omnichannel Contact Center

The Symbee Connect Omnichannel and Social Engagement solution is enabled by Amazon Connect’s open platform. It adds Preview Dial, Email, Webchat, SMS and social messaging. You get enterprise-ready features for contact center management, work-code outcome tracking, and real-time performance monitoring for all channels.

AI Chat and Voice Bots

Conversational interfaces can be built into any voice or text application, using Amazon Lex.  Lex provides advanced learning for automatic speech recognition (ASR) and converting speech to text. Natural language understanding (NLU) recognizes text intent. This lets you build applications that offer engaging user experiences and life-like conversational interactions.


Contact Center Analytics & Reporting

We provide analytics and insight  to monitor, manage, and act on key performance indicators for operations and the customer journey. Our data management foundation supports entry-level as well as complex modes of  operational analytics  that provide proactive and automated analysis.

Our self-service user interface gives you dynamic, interactive tabular displays; scorecards; visualizations; and dashboards. Surf your data like you surf the Web™ with search, targeting, selection, filtering, drilling and navigation.

CRM Integration & Open API

Predefined AWS Lambda connectors integrate the most popular CRM applications.  AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs code in response to contact flow events and automatically manages underlying compute resources.

It enables ChatBots, VoiceBots, and IVR to use predefined or custom logic to incorporate back-end services that create smart, data-driven, self-service customer journeys and agent experiences.

Managed Services

Our consulting practice is focused on helping you optimize  efficiency and increase customer experience. Our veteran team draws on 30 years of experience, creating meaningful customer experiences that deliver cost-effective and profitable business outcomes. We partner with your team to understand your specific business objectives. With that knowledge synthesized, we  help you with strategy, digital transformation, optimization, and optional outsourced managed services.

What Are Curated Experiences?

“To increase customer engagement and conversion you need to know the end-to-end customer experience. To truly know it, you need first-party data, assisted by predictive analytics and machine learning. That knowledge, used to help craft curated customer experiences (curated cx), drives conversion,”  wrote Listing Debuts.

Get a Complete Solution. Now.

We will do a No Cost Proof of Concept for your team that demonstrates we can add value. In 4 weeks you will have a complete solution that includes all the components you need to deploy.

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