Amazon Connect Release

Aggregate data at point of interaction.

Aggregated data in contact flows.

Lambda calls to external systems; workflow results from IVR; chat bots, voice bots; agents.

End-business users empowered to drill in, capture, create.

Drill in and out of organization and statistics; Capture results views; Create reports, charts, and dashboards. Stakeholders have up-to-date information to act and make improvements.

The platform combines data from Connect Transaction Records (CTR) and disparate business systems.

End-users can request data from any part of the organization for analysis. Data ingested from applicable S3 buckets in near rear time.

Amazon Connect Release

Benefits for Contact Center Operations

All omnichannel data aggregated into a single source of truth.

  • AWS Connect CTR records and agent status;
  • No impact on you IT and development resources;
  • Full analytics available to business stakeholders on day 1.

Business and contact center operations users can do any of the following:

  • Use interactive analysis on KPIs and understand underlying details of what is driving or inhibiting performance;
  • Create reports, chart visualizations, and dashboards;
  • Push information to different stakeholders in the organization;
  • Immediately understand what is driving performance and make changes in real time.