Analytics Platform

End-user, self-service for analyzing and creating Tabular Reports, Chart Visualizations, Dashboards.

Identify, analyze and share fluid patterns and trends in real time and give anyone credentials to use, explore and create, according to any specific role you give them.

Data platform

Data from any source, crating a single source of truth.

Advanced Operational Reporting

Search; targeting; selection; filtering; navigation; drilling; tabular; visualizations; dashboards.

Descriptive Analytics

Know what happened and when. Relate that knowledge to a person or event.

Diagnostic Analytics

Scoring, weighing, ranking. Know why, where and scope.

Analytics for omnichannel contact center operations

Change drill paths into metrics that drive omnichannel KPI.

Custom navigation based on stakeholder needs.

Include any dimension of metrics into your analysis and push views to any user in the organization.

780 KPI and Metrics

Specific to omnichannel contact center analysis and reporting.

Analytics Starter Pack

Preconfigured analysis for service level, agent occupancy, and business outcomes that users can extend.

Input data sources

Any contact center platform, CDR, agent activity detail records, CRM or business system related to the contact center.

Amazon Connect

Pull data directly from S3 buckets configured for your connect instance.

Aggregated data in contact flows.

Lambda calls to external systems; workflow results from IVR; chat bots, voice bots; agents.

End-business users empowered to drill in, capture, create.

Drill in and out of organization and statistics; Capture results views; Create reports, charts, and dashboards. Stakeholders have up-to-date information to act and make improvements.

The platform combines data from Connect Transaction Records (CTR) and disparate business systems.

End-users can request data from any part of the organization for analysis. Data ingested from applicable S3 buckets in near rear time.