Show customers you hear them by offering personalized, relevant service.

Our platform identifies interaction touch points and customer data that show important needs, behaviors and outcomes.


Tackle data chaos. Our analytics platform consumes data amazingly quickly.

data chaos
We can handle data in its raw transactional state from disparate places, map and load it without programming, according to your unique requirements.
Aggregate low-level, granular, transaction data and relate transactional records from any enterprise business application to understand overall performance for:
  1.  Quality Assurance
  2. Speech Analytics
  3. CRM
  4. Logistics
  5. Chat bot
  6. e-mail
  7. Chat

Order, volume, velocity.

Ingest, correlate, and  categorize high-volume, transaction data from contact center, ticketing support, and e-commerce into a single source of truth.

All your data in one place. From all your people and locations. In a way that makes sense to you. For significantly less cost and faster than traditional data warehousing.

Capture detailed information from different systems in reports, visualizations and dashboards. Data is available for analysis by end-business user.



Data from each platform can be easily be added, sometimes in hours, to an initial configuration like contact center operations. The extract, map, and load process relates raw data faster then other approaches and doesn’t require extension of the  underlying data store.

Your data homebase is not only meaningful repository for your company’s collective knowledge, but a descriptive analytics engine that fuels deep learning, feeding descriptive analytic models, adapting and growing with each replication.

Business-User Autonomy


No programming, DBA, or Excel skill required.

Any business user can organize and configure ready-to-analyze view for reports, chart visualizations, and dashboards to share.

When you share results and collaborate with other users, your company’s collective knowledge grows, exponentially.

Create and see what’s working.  Use it.  Share it.  Refine it.  Replicate it.  Across platforms, locations and enterprises.  In real time.  Powerful.